AC Services

Air Conditioning Services

For some, air conditioning is a luxury; but to the residents of One Happy Island, it is a necessity. Having a functional air-con system is essential to avoid the unnecessary problems of Aruba‘s year-round warm climate. It is also important to find the right contractor or experienced technician to install, service, and repair your ac system to keep it in good working condition. However, finding a qualified, experienced, and reliable technician can be a struggle.

At DG Maintenance, we offer the standard assurance of quality on all our services. We have been serving Tiera del sol, Noord area and multiple locations in the island of Aruba, for more than ten years and have acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience that make our services unmatched by our competitors. Our service and repair technicians are expertly trained and have extensive AC service installation, air-con maintenance, and repair experience in the high-rise condominium market as well as the residential and commercial market.

Contact us today for your AC installation, repair, service, and maintenance needs. Our professional team is always available to provide you with a superior service whenever you need a fast, efficient, reliable, and affordable air conditioning maintenance service and repair.

Here are the services we offer:

A/C Service: every 6 months/materials not included clean up filters

  • Clean coils
  • Check A/C system
  • Fill Freon if necessary
  • Chemical cleaning & flex change if necessary.

Filter cleaning: every 3 months
Remove & wash filters, clean inside grills and install back filters.

New A/C unit with warranty – Price based upon quotation(BTU/brand)

AC Central Unit Service
AC duct chemical cleaning (Price based upon inspection)
And more

Is your AC unit losing its cool? Then its high time you resuscitated it with our professional air conditioning maintenance and coil cleaning service.
Having your HVAC unit examined and serviced by an inexperienced technician can lead to further damages, extensive repairs, thereby wasting your precious time and money.
Most manufacturers recommend you service the unit at least once a year and can deny coverage if you do not properly maintain your equipment.
We are fully aware of the importance you and your family attach to indoor air quality, and we guarantee that our filters and air duct cleaning services will clean and restore your HVAC or AC unit’s integrity.