General Maintenance

General Maintenance

DG Maintenance and Construction’s field staff are well trained to spot and resolve general property maintenance issues before the cost of fixing them can become exponentially larger.

Spending your money wisely today can save you money tomorrow! As some home and property issues get worse as time passes, they become more costly or difficult to fix and sometimes require a completely different approach to resolve the issues that have grown.

When it comes to the important needs around your property, you must utilize an experienced company that can provide unmatched maintenance services. Just like a machine, your home or property must be properly maintained to keep it maintainable and in good condition. At DG Property Maintenance and Construction, we offer a range of reliable and professional property maintenance and home improvement services to keep your property in good condition while delivering quality and cost-effective solutions for any size property. Our general maintenance service contracts include monthly, weekly, daily, and one-time service options.

We also offer maintenance and vacant property preservation services to real estate holders or managers, banks, and commercial property holders with unoccupied space in Aruba. Our general maintenance services include:

Whether you need replacement windows to increase energy efficiency, need to get rid of foggy windows or need to install new windows for aesthetics, our team can help.
We specialize in power washing residential and commercial properties, industrial complexes, apartment/condominium complexes, strip malls exteriors, and more.
Household pests like rodents, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, millipedes, earwigs, stinging pests, and more can be much more than a nuisance.
We can help you with ANY Plumbing Problem, including Plumbing Repairs, Snaking the Drains, Water Heater Replacement, and more.
From time to time, home and commercial property owners have small projects that revolve around wiring and electrical components installation.
If you’re looking for a safe and professional Aruba handyman service for your home improvement project and renovations, then we are your best bet.

Because different maintenance jobs require specific machines, we guarantee to always use the right equipment to make sure the job is done right the first time around. Through our industry-leading General Maintenance Services, your property will continually be in good hands as our team will make sure that your property is always in good condition.