Gardening services in Aruba

Transform your property with DG Maintenance and Construction gardening services!

 DG Maintenance and Construction exists to serve your gardening landscaping needs to create an environment that brings about a statement or feeling that reflects you. Whether you’re amending your existing landscape, are building a new home, or purchased a house and want to clean or renovate your gardening or landscaping to match your lifestyle, we’re here to please you.

We have the team to produce a clean and pleasing outdoor living area you’ve dreamed about and are experienced in providing exceptional gardening services that include:

  • Gardening: every other week.
  • Pulling weed
  • Trimming plants & trees
  • Hedging
  • Water the plants
  • Garden fertilizing
  • Blow down of garden area & clean up
  • Check garden lights condition
  • Landscaping up request
  • Clean up coconut trees (recommended twice a year)

We are professional, efficient, and organized. We take pride in leaving your property, looking as good and beautiful as possible. We also accommodate your lifestyle to create a minimal interruption to your life while our work is being done.

The trick to growing good healthy and prosperous palms is knowing the soil and nutrient requirements of your palms and identifying any infections that your palms may have contracted.
We employ licensed technicians with the expertise and knowledge to maintain your landscape and lawn investments at the utmost level all year long.
At DG Maintenance and Construction, we offer professional gardening fertilizing services to maintain your garden and transform it into an environment that reflects you.
Our trimming of plant and trees service is done to maintain the growth and remove any dying, dead and overgrown, tree limbs to give your property a neat and beautiful appearance.
Our services take out the waiting time and get the important areas of your garden planted up instantly so that you can start enjoying your garden as soon as possible!