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Customer satisfaction is our priority. We arrive on time and ready to work, we don’t waste your valuable time. We accurately complete any job you would like done on your home or property with great attention to every detail every step of the way.

With many years of experience comes a lifetime of expertise. At DG Maintenance and Construction Service, we offer an array of our home inspection services
The trick to growing good healthy and prosperous palms is knowing the soil and nutrient requirements of your palms and identifying any infections that your palms may have contracted.
We employ licensed technicians with the expertise and knowledge to maintain your landscape and lawn investments at the utmost level all year long.
At DG Maintenance and Construction, we offer professional gardening fertilizing services to maintain your garden and transform it into an environment that reflects you.
Our trimming of plant and trees service is done to maintain the growth and remove any dying, dead and overgrown, tree limbs to give your property a neat and beautiful appearance.
Our services take out the waiting time and get the important areas of your garden planted up instantly so that you can start enjoying your garden as soon as possible!
Is your AC unit losing its cool? Then its high time you resuscitated it with our professional air conditioning maintenance and coil cleaning service.
Having your HVAC unit examined and serviced by an inexperienced technician can lead to further damages, extensive repairs, thereby wasting your precious time and money.
Most manufacturers recommend you service the unit at least once a year and can deny coverage if you do not properly maintain your equipment.
We are fully aware of the importance you and your family attach to indoor air quality, and we guarantee that our filters and air duct cleaning services will clean and restore your HVAC or AC unit’s integrity.
Being a rental host – no matter how many properties you own – entails a number of responsibilities: looking after your property, marketing your property, and taking care of your guests.
Irrespective of renowned brand name, location or property size, cleanliness generates the first positive impression on your guests, builds customer loyalty, and drives your restaurant or hotel profitability.
A neatly maintained building is an essential asset to every home or organization. It reflects who you are and influences how your guests or customers perceive you.
Nearly seventy percent of all commercial utility consumers are being overcharged on their utility bills without their knowledge.
Looking for reliable Aruba maintenance service to handle and manage the payments for your utility and other facility-related bills, then we are here to help.
Whatever your vision or residential property needs, we apply the right expertise to exceed your expectations and bring your project to life.
By taking the time to maintain the existing roof on your home, you’ll be able to squeeze many more years out of it than you may have expected to.
Many different options can be found to get your home or office looking great. By adding a fresh coat of paint, you will give your property a new, clean and beautiful look.
DG Maintenance and Construction has been providing exterior and interior renovation services for residential homeowners of Tiera del sol, Aruba.
If you’re looking for an incredible home remodeling experience that puts you and your happiness above all else, you have found your perfect team.
Whether you need replacement windows to increase energy efficiency, need to get rid of foggy windows or need to install new windows for aesthetics, our team can help.
We specialize in power washing residential and commercial properties, industrial complexes, apartment/condominium complexes, strip malls exteriors, and more.
Household pests like rodents, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, millipedes, earwigs, stinging pests, and more can be much more than a nuisance.
We can help you with ANY Plumbing Problem, including Plumbing Repairs, Snaking the Drains, Water Heater Replacement, and more.
From time to time, home and commercial property owners have small projects that revolve around wiring and electrical components installation.
If you’re looking for a safe and professional Aruba handyman service for your home improvement project and renovations, then we are your best bet.